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What is ETCBillboard?

ETCBillboard is a 100x100 and 1st Rentable NFT Project on Ethereum Classic (ETC) Blockchain! where people can advertise and promote anything by showing any picture on their billboards!

What is the Max Supply?

10,000 pixels.

Where can I trade (Sell/Buy) NFTs?

You can trade your billboards in our marketplace and also available on the etcplanets.com

What are the advantages of getting a billboard?

  • You can advertise anything you want forever on blockchain
  • You can make money by renting out your pixels

How will renting work?

Tenants can sort out the pixels for rent by their location, price, availability for specific dates.
Further details about how renting works will be announced later.

What can owners do with their pixels?

Owners of the pixel can advertise anything by showing a picture or a GIF on their pixels. They also can show a title & subtitle when visitors hover on the pixel. If the visitors click on the pixel, they will be directed to the link which owners provide to ETCBillboard.

Can owners see analytics about their pixels?

Owners will be able to see advanced analytics of their pixel such as how many times their pixels hovered, clicked, and seen.

How can I buy ETCBillboard?

just head straight to the source Metamask.io.
How to view ETC Ethereum Classic token on Metamask? Click here

How much will it cost to mint a new billboard?

0.3 ETC/pixel.

How unique will items be?

You can select each pixels by your choice that are free and not minted yet.

How can I get in touch with the ETCBillboard team?

You can join our telegram and discord group and enter a support ticket in the ETCBillboard Discord server.

How can people make money with ETCBillboard?

  • They can rent out their pixels and collect rentals like a landlord with a passive income.
  • ETCBillboard has a 2.5% community royalties! It means current pixel owners will get a part of the reflection reward for every buy/rent action. The longer they keep the pixel, the more reflection reward they will get. This will lead people to keep their pixels, not sell. Therefore the pixel prices will go up.
  • The strategic position of your pixel might skyrocket the value of your pixel. For example neighbor pixel owners might want to expand their pixels to put a bigger picture on their pixels. Therefore they might pay you way more to get your pixel because of the strategic position of your pixel.
  • More people will hear about ETCBillboard as more pixels get sold and as marketing campaigns of the project get more and more. This will affect the pixel prices if you want to sell.

How did ETCBillboard get inspired?

Milliondollarshomepage and tenthousanddollarshomepage was our inspiration. These are the most important features differentiating ETCBillboard from others:

  • ETCBillboard will be a rentable NFT project living on blockchain forever.
  • Pixel owners can make money as pixels will be able to get rented out.
  • ETCBillboard will pay 2.5% community royalties reward from royalties to pixel owners as they keep their pixels.
  • Pixels will have title & subtitle and gif playing when hovering over.
  • There will be advanced analytics for how many times pixels get seen, hovered, clicked etc.

How is your royalty system?

We implemented royalties for buy and rent actions. We don't have a minting reflection on the project. We both have creator and community royalties. 5% of buy or rent will be split during the action. 50% of it will be reflected to current holders as a reflection and the remaining will be the creator fee. So, in summary there are 2.5% Community Royalties and 2.5% Creator Royalties for each buy or rent action.

What is the ETCBillboard contract address?